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Can a product derived from crude oil not only revolutionise living standards, but protect the world’s climate at the same time? Yes, if over a period of 25 years it saves 50 times more energy than was needed for its production.

Source: “The Ecological Judgement of EPS insulating material” published by Carbotech AG, Basel, and confirmed by EMPA, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Correct: Lambdapor® is produced from oil-based raw materials, just like all other EPS polymer grades. However, each element of Lambdapor® insulation saves over a 25-year period around 50 times the amount of energy used in its production. Drastically reduced usage of energy in the construction sector is today the only practical way in which climate change can be directly confronted. EPS in general and Lambdapor® in particular open up this decisive opportunity.


By virtue of their excellent energy balance, technically advanced EPS grades such as Lambdapor® have created new worldwide perspectives to meet current requirements. And by establishing a  “price-insulation relationship” free of competition the conditions for people worldwide to enjoy a healthy and climate friendly living.

A perspective, from which we at Sunpor have discovered our “mission”.  We produce EPS, and nothing else. And we are always improving our products, because we invest our total research and development, and all our skills and strength, in innovative EPS technology.

A consistent attention to quality, which for Sunpor extends to the service we offer; we look after our customers and partners on an individual basis, personally and flexibly.

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