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Lambdapor® stands for a new technology, which opens up new possibilities in both large and small measure.

  • Saves energy Reduces the energy requirement compared with non-insulated or poorly-insulated buildings to a minimum. Saves over a period of 25 years 50 times more energy than was used in its production.
  • Protects the environment The positive CO2 balance contributes towards the attainment of worldwide climate goals.
  • Saves resources If Lambdapor was used exclusively to provide insulation for the entire demand in Europe instead the annual requirement of EPS would be reduced by a volume in excess of 200,000 tonnes.
  • Healthy living for the masses With an unrivalled “price/insulation relationship” Lambdapor® creates for people the world over the pre-requisite to achieve the healthy and climate-friendly living they look for.
  • Recyclability At the end of its useful life, a Lambdapor® panel is no burden, but a valuable object.  As a supplier of energy in thermal utilisation. Or as a supplier of resources for new applications.
  • SUNPOR-Mission, SUNPOR-Service For 25 years SUNPOR employees have concentrated all their strengths on leading further development of EPS technology. A journey, on which we travel together with our customers and partners, to whom we offer a dialogue, coupled with consistent and personal service.

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