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Lambdapor® makes home a place, where outside stays outside.

  • Comfortably balanced whatever the outside weather conditions. Lambdapor® keeps and protects the room temperature throughout the year at whatever level you prefer.
  • Thrifty. With Lambdapor® the overheating stops and the warming begins. The converse experience occurs with cooling. In contrast to conventionally insulated houses you require considerably less energy to achieve equal insulation strength. And only a fraction of the amount of energy needed for poorly or uninsulated buildings.
  • Damp Protection. Damp and resultant mould have no chance in your living area. Especially if you have also installed Lambdapor® in your cellar.
  • Psst! If installed in your ceiling, Lambdapor® doesn’t just insulate you against heat, cold, and damp; it muffles the sound of overhead footfall.

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