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Lambdapor® creates additional creative freedom for architects and extra cost flexibility for builders.

  • Extra creative architectural freedom, because Lambdapor® provides the required insulation strength with slimmer panels (gaining around 20% extra space). This opens up more possibilities in design, especially with low energy and passive houses.
  • New options in the modernisation of older buildings. The use of thinner insulation elements enables the introduction of insulation in areas of narrower dimension.
  • The shortest route to higher performance. Better insulation often rewards the public sector with higher subsidies.  Lambdapor® is the strongest EPS insulation on the market. Its use provides the easiest way to obtain higher grants.
  • Lower energy costs, increased property values. With the highest insulation values Lambdapor® also incurs the lowest energy running costs. This represents the perfect basis for the alternative heating systems of the future. That increases the value of your property.
  • Advantages in building costs through slimmer insulation panels. Because by their use the costs of various building elements, such as window soffits, are also reduced.
  • Advantages in transport and storage costs due to the smaller volumes of insulation material.

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