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1. What added value does Lambdapor® offer compared to conventional “white EPS”?

Technical and economical added value of around 20 per cent increased insulation performance measured with panels equivalent in size and strength (with some grades up to 30 per cent extra). This provides the basis for lower energy running costs and/or a reduced space requirement for the insulation, together with an improved compliance with the requirements of the public sector. Furthermore, there is an ecological added value; in relation to a given insulation performance a lower level of resources and raw materials are needed.

2. Do construction workers require special tools or mounting elements to install Lambdapor®?

No. Lambdapor® panels are mounted in exactly the same fashion as panels made from conventional EPS above.

3. Does an EPS envelope such as Lambdapor® allow a building to continue to breathe?

Dampness diffusion permeability is often incorrectly described as breathing activity. The purpose of a construction envelope is to guard against airtight heat loss, while at the same time permitting as much as possible the exchange of air moisture.  This creates a living climate which is as pleasant as possible. Lambdapor® displays a similar permeability to moisture to that of wood, achieving thereby the required properties in an ideal manner.

4. After how long on average must Lambdapor® insulation be renewed?

Lambdapor® is resistant to dampness and micro-organisms.  There is nothing to prevent its usage over the entire life cycle of the building. And should a further improvement in insulation performance be sought, the insulation in place can be enhanced by the addition of a further insulating panel.

5. Is Lambdapor® safe as far as flammability is concerned?

Lambdapor® is a self-extinguishing material. This guarantees that in the event of a fire nothing spreads beyond the façade.

6. What is the situation with regard to Lambdapor® disposal?

Lambdapor® is not a hazardous waste material, and is like all EPS grades fully recyclable. For example, it can be exploited as a source of thermal energy in the supply of district heating. It is also a valuable resource for new applications, such as floor levelling and as an additive for light concrete. Lambdapor® is recognised as being neutral to ground water if used as landfill.

7. Are any environmentally damaging CFC’S used in the production of Lambdapor®?

No. No CFC’s are used in the manufacture of Lambdapor®.

8. What distinguishes SUNPOR from other manufacturers of EPS?

The exclusive concentration on the technical development of EPS for 25 years. Although SUNPOR is a leading company in terms of international experience and technology, this clear orientation enables the company to preserve a clear and comprehensible structure. In this manner SUNPOR is in the position to combine its leading technology for the benefit of their customers and partners across Europe with a personal and flexible service above.